September 15, 2013

a day trip to Tallinn

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We went on a day trip to Tallinn with our class this week. We were super lucky to have the most beautiful day and it felt like we would've traveled back to summer!
We only had five hours to spend in Tallinn, but we used our time very efficiently by eating well (I ate the most delicious cod fish I've ever had) and after that we took the tram to Kumu Art Museum to see Irving Penn's "Diverse Worlds" exhibition. It was totally worth a visit, I enjoyed his photos a lot!

The whole day was very inspirational and it was fun to see new sides of Tallinn that I hadn't seen before.


  1. wooow such a beautiful place! Great day trip destination for sure!!


    1. It really is and definitely worth a visit!! :)

  2. Aw your photography studies must be a lot of fun sweetie!
    Love the photographs as usual :)
    I'm really happy for you since you're doing something you actually love and are really good at!
    Have a good start to the week :)

    1. It truly is fun, I'm enjoying my studies so much!
      Thank you Emma for being so sweet and supportive, it means so much to me!
      Hope you'll have an amazing week babe <3


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