February 20, 2014

pink pastel manicure

 photo manicure_zps80a9f12f.jpg
 photo manicure2_zps5972a813.jpg
Had a free afternoon for myself so I decided to relax, jam to some nice tunes and make my hands and nails pretty. I wanted a natural and fresh look so I decided to paint my nails in pink pastel. I've definitely started to have some spring thoughts already... have you too?

February 17, 2014

there's no such thing as too many shoes

 photo jeffreycampbell2_zpse790cf5a.jpg  photo jeffreycampbell3_zpsb0393693.jpg  photo jeffreycampbell_zpsd5345228.jpg You know you have a problem when you're a broke-ass student and you go and buy a pair of expensive shoes anyways. But how could I've resist these Jeffrey Campbell beauties? This is true material love and I'm definitely going to use these in spring, summer, fall and winter! I say that's a good deal. And let's pretend these are the only shoes I've bought recently...

February 4, 2014

the other side

 photo theotherside_zps0d922f77.jpg
I've been working on a school project the whole January and it's finally done. Today we're having an opening for our exhibition at a cafe and it's actually my first time to put up a photo on a exhibition. So yes, I'm definitely excited!

The project was to find a poem or lyrics and then photograph to it. These lyrics was actually not my first choice, but after I took this photo of my beautiful friend, I happened to listen to Bruno Mars song "The Other Side" and this part of the lyrics just hit me and I thought it would make a perfect combo with the photo. What do you guys think? :)

January 30, 2014

black and white

 photo latartufata_zpsbd39eaee.jpg
 photo analogt2_zps1b37ed04.jpg
I wanted to share with you some of my photos taken with film. I've grown a big love for black & white film photography under this time at school. It's almost therapeutic for me to shoot on film, I don't know why exactly but there's just that special something with the old analog style.

So, how are you lovelies? Has the new year started well for you?
I know I've been that annoying blogger who disappears, comes back and promises more posts and disappears again. The truth is that I've been too lazy to take any photos unless it's for school projects. Sad, I know. But of course I could show my projects here too if you're interested?

December 28, 2013

whats's going on

 photo xmas2_zps43a5d11e.jpg
Christmas time is over for this year, hope you all had a lovely time no matter what you celebrated!
My Christmas was very relaxed at my moms, but now I'm back to normal day routins. Or almost... I still have one week of vacation left before my school starts again.

Speaking of school, I've enjoyed my time there so much! That's also why I dropped myself from the blogging world for a longer time because I wanted to have full focus on my school. But slowly I've started to miss blogging and most of all, You. I'm going to make sure to catch up with your blogs and see what you've been up to and I'll definitely start to drop some pictures here again.

Talk to you soon! x