February 17, 2014

there's no such thing as too many shoes

 photo jeffreycampbell2_zpse790cf5a.jpg  photo jeffreycampbell3_zpsb0393693.jpg  photo jeffreycampbell_zpsd5345228.jpg You know you have a problem when you're a broke-ass student and you go and buy a pair of expensive shoes anyways. But how could I've resist these Jeffrey Campbell beauties? This is true material love and I'm definitely going to use these in spring, summer, fall and winter! I say that's a good deal. And let's pretend these are the only shoes I've bought recently...


  1. Replies
    1. Ahh, great that I'm not alone who thinks so ;)

  2. Hahah best title for a post...now I tell that too my husband...and well it doesn't work hahaha

    1. Hahah, damn.. he doesn't have the right attitude now :D

  3. Your photography skills got better, I can see that :)
    Oh my blog is in French now, I understand the inconvenience it will create and I'm sorry about that but well, it was the best thing to do for me. I will continue to check on you though, hope you're having a nice weekend gorgeous :)


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