April 8, 2013

Osaka photo diary

 photo DSC_1098_zps506e948a.jpg
 photo DSC_0752_zps858d4419.jpg
 photo osaka_zps740060b1.jpg
 photo DSC_0831_zps2359cf53.jpg
 photo DSC_0686_zpseae2e67f.jpg
 photo ocastle_zpse7a4a452.jpg
 photo DSC_1076_zpse33722b7.jpg
 photo DSC_1058_zps30e43141.jpg
 photo buildings_zps44efede6.jpg
 photo DSC_1072_zps9d9fcb7a.jpg
Today I've been day dreaming of a new trip to Japan. I found a bunch of pictures from my trip to Osaka in 2011 on my computer, that I haven't showed you before.
But oh my, if there's a place in the world that makes me mute because of it's greatness, it's Japan.
Osaka is a big city with a lot of people, but still I felt like it was never too crowded. People walked systematically and public transportation never felt like a hell. And on top of this, people were so polite and nice. Everything's so different there compared to Europe and I think it's really fascinating!
I'm going to continue dreaming of going back... hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Wow that first picture is just breathtaking as well as many others in the post. I want to visit Japan someday :)

    1. You're so sweet Emma, thank you! I wish you get to visit Japan someday, it's a wonderful place :)

  2. I would LOVE to go to Japan. I've heard so many amazing things about that place, and these photos just solidified it. Wow! Look at all those buildings... that's pretty intense. Beautiful photos, Jenny!! <333 xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Victoria!! ♥ Well I can promise you that Japan really is an amazing place, I truly left a piece of my heart there!

  3. Amazing photos !
    Love the first one !


    1. Thank you Aleksandra, you're sweet! :)

  4. Gud vilka underbara foton! Du reser såå mycket och det är helt awesome, vill också kunna resa överallt när jag blir äldre och har jobb :D

    1. Stoooort tack Dilan! ♥ Ja, det finns inget bättre än att resa om man frågar mig..man blir ju bara lycklig av alla nya spännande ställen! :)


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