April 7, 2013

delicious veggie omelet

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I thought it would be nice to share my new favorite breakfast with you. It's the good old omelet with some fresh veggies. I like to use broccoli, mushrooms, baby spinach and tomatoes. This recipe is enough for two people, so with a fewer eggs it'll be good for one person.

First I roast the chopped broccoli and mushrooms on a pan, until they're soft. Meanwhile I break four eggs in a bowl and break the egg yolks with a fork. Flavoring it with pepper and salt, sometimes even other spices like oregano. Then I add the eggs on the pan, mix it quickly with the broccoli and the mushrooms. I also add the sliced tomatoes on top and then I let the whole thing be on the warm stove until the omelet is firm. Finally I add a little more than a handful of baby spinach on the omelet and fold it. Voilá and there you have a healthy delicious breakfast!

What is your favorite breakfast?


  1. oooh so yummy!!!!!!! Happy Weekend love!


    1. It is super yummy! Hope you had a lovely weekend<3

  2. We love veggie omelets too! I think they're perfect for breakfast - filling, yet light. Yours looks delicious, it's making me drool. We usually don't put mushrooms in ours, but I think that would make a great addition! Beautiful photos, Jenny! I hope you're having a great, sunny weekend! xoxo

    1. YAY for veggie omelets! :) I really like the mushrooms in it, you should try! Thank you Victoria for your lovely words <3


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