October 10, 2013

nikes on my feet

 photo _DSC2747_zps78edbbac.jpg  photo _DSC2736_zps8ae7b3ba.jpg
 photo _DSC2783_zps86697240.jpg Sweater, black skinny's, beanie, sneakers... this is a true everyday outfit for me. Nothing exciting but oh, so comfortable! Especially happy about my new Nike Air Max shoes that I customized on Nike's website. There's meant to be polka dots on the gray area, but you can barely see them so that's kind of a disappointment! But I guess I could paint them over myself so they would be a little clearer. 

What do you like about sneakers? Yay or nay?


  1. I started seeing sneakers more and more for street style...I need to get a few colorful pairs...sneakers offer great arch support and comfort!
    I love your faux fur vest here!
    Sorry the dots didn't show up as much as you thought they would! Like the pop of coral color though!

  2. Hey beauty you have the coolest sneakers! Love this one as well especially the color :)

  3. Yes! They're so cool and look really comfy. Also your outfit also looks comfy as well!

  4. A definite yay! I love sneakers! Being comfortable is sexy too me so I'm really digging this ultra comfy look :)

    The Indie Byline

  5. The sneakers look great on you. Love that you paired them with the fur.

  6. I love sneakers :)
    Great combo !



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