May 12, 2013

my beautiful week

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Hi there lovelies! I've been the worst blogger lately, but it's because my computers memory has been full (again) and I couldn't put in any new pictures. I had to take a night off to clean my computer and it took me hours to just even get a little bit of free space. It seems to be a never ending project for me...

Anyways, I've had an exceptionally wonderful week this week. Can't really explain the real reason for it, but I've felt happy. Maybe it's the warm weather, or the flowers that are slowly coming up everywhere, or that my mom adopted a super friendly and cute cat... or simply because life is beautiful in so many ways! I know, I sound like a big fluffy teddy bear in a lala happy land, but it feels kind of nice.


  1. Smiling. Jenny! Your happiness makes me super happy, and I'd like to you join you in lala happy land (a lot of "happy"?!) haha Your photos are so beautiful, I'm glad you got your computer cleaned so you can share them with us. Do you have an external hard drive? I have like 3 to keep all my photos. You probably don't need that many, but I have a hard time deleting photos!

    Wishing you a beautiful, happy day love! <3

    1. Haha, I'm glad I could share some happiness! There's plenty of room in my lala happy land so welcome ;) I do have an external hard drive, but since I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to technical things, I've saved the most important pictures on my computer too.. which is a lot because I also have a hard time deleting photos :D I should get one (or two) more external hard drives...backup on backup on backup. Just to be safe... hah!

      Happy wonderful day to you too Victoria! <3

    2. Ohhh I see :) yes backup on backup!! I completely understand you on this. I'm the exact same way!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely week! The pictures show that as well :). Hope May continues with so much joy for you!

    I would have said external hard drive as well, but others have had the same idea I see ;)


    1. Thank you Hanna :) Yes, I'm now considering to buy one more external hard drive...can't really have enough of them;) Hope your May is beautiful as well! <3

  3. Yes, very beautiful indeed!
    I wish we were closer :(
    Miss you!


    1. I know right, it would be so much more fun!! Miss you too Panda! <3

  4. Stunning pics.

  5. Gorgeous pictures as usual sweetie, I enjoyed them :)
    It's good to sometimes be happy for no apparent reasons I know this feeling, hope you're doing well right now. Btw I love those pants you were wearing!

    1. Thank you love<3 I know right, it's actually kind of funny feeling to feel happy for no reason, but I'll take it!! ;)


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