June 15, 2012

let's get to know eachother

I while back ago, beautiful Emmanuelle from Nuellasource was sweet enough to tag me to this "awesome blogger award" thing, thank you Emma! :)
I'm not really sure how these things are supposed to go, but she had this cool "share 11 random facts about yourself", so I'll be doing that because it sounded like a cool idea. At the same time I would really want to get to know more of you lovelies who's visiting here, so I thought it would be really fun if you could share a fact or two about yourself too! Like a little get together thing... :)
Okay, so here we go...
11 random facts about me:

1)  I'm known for being a big eater. I LOVE food! Especially mexican and japanese food!
2) I wish I was a morning person. I always have five alarm sets (+snooze alarms) on my phone and the first alarm starts to ring 45minutes before I actually have to wake up. It takes a half an hour before I even hear the alarm...
3) UEFA Soccer and NBA basketball are my favorite sports to watch.
4) I'm scared of ants.. and wasps. Photobucket
I love to have real deep conversations with people and listen to others opinions and way of thinking about life.
6) My goal in life is to see as much as possible of this beautiful world.
7) I pretty much sucked in school, but I was super interested in geography and I always had good grades in that.
8) Dancing is the best thing in the world... after food of course.
9) I was a swimmer back in the days... I quit because I had a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder
and because I simply got bored on looking at the tiles while swimming.
10) I have this need to always take care of my nearest friends and family. I stress a lot if it's something I can't help with or fix.
11)  I want to learn Spanish fluently. It's such a beautiful language.

Okay, so now it's your turn... shoot!


  1. that's really cool!! i love food more than anything else! who doesn't, right? haha


  2. congrats on the award and you look stunning in these photos

  3. Stunning look!


  4. Nice pics :)

    I invite you to

  5. yaay for the award!!
    I think we are like the same person hahahaha
    I can't wait to meet you!!


  6. I love the jean jacket! This look is styled to perfection

    Love from Canada,

    Northern Style Exposure


  7. Great post! I was thinking to do something like this, because it brings readers closer to the blogger :) very nice to read!

  8. Great photos! It's lovely to read those facts about you.

    Love, Marijn.

  9. Great post, loved it!


  10. Love this post. The pics are beautiful and the "random things about you" are great, too. :P

    Kisses !

  11. 8) Dancing is the best thing in the world... after food of course.... I couldnt agree with you more <3

    jenny, i have missed you so much. i NEED to email you and i will be doing that right after I finish this comment ;-) i miss you and love you. i hope everything is going perfect for you <3

    x, james

  12. @aiken: yes exactly! :D haha thanks:)

    @monica: Thank you beautiful<3

    @Fashiable: Thank you! :)

    @Antonella Leone: Thanks:)

    @Heaven: Thank you, I'm glad you like them:)

    @Amanda {feast.fashion.faves}: hahah yaaay :D really? ;D So awesome and I really can't wait to meet you too! :)

    @kira: Thank you so much<3

    @Janneke: Thank you!! Yes, do it! I think it's fun to read these kind of posts too :)

    @Marijn: Thank you, I'm happy you liked it!

    @Ulrika: Thank you<3

    @jamie: hey..picture dancing and eating at the same time..perfection! :D
    I've missed you girl too! I'll be eyeballing on my emails then... :)

  13. Cool layering.


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