April 12, 2012

creamy favorites

1. The Body Shop Hemp hand protector - only hand cream that makes wonders for my winter dry hands and works extremely well for my super dry feet too!
2. Jecy's Favorites
hand & nail care cream - I  bought this from a store named LoFT in Japan, just because it looked so cute with the lamb. But it actually turned out to be a perfect daily hand cream, since it moisturizes very well and it doesn't leave the hands feeling greasy... and it smells like lovely summer grass!
3. Garnier Miracle skin protector - I'm hooked on this! It gives such a nice fresh and even look to my face.
Dr.Hauschka Melissa day cream - I have a mixed skin and this has turned out to be a good choice, because it moisturizes the dry areas in my face but it's not too much for the oily parts.

Do you have some products you can recommend or simply can't live without?


  1. i have terribly dry hands, must try body shop

  2. Oh hello there =).. I think its really cool that you did this... I love seeing what other people use.. it gives me ideas =)...Ever since I saw the garnier skin corrector I've been dying to try it., but Im afraid that it might be a little to light for my skin... so idk... I need to really do a research before I say anything =)hehe

  3. one more question, do you know if the garnier cream is for all skin types ( like for oily skin and such?)

  4. @monica: I really recommend to try it out! :)

    @Amanda: Hey girl, I'm glad that you like this post! :)

    I can't say for sure if that Garnier cream fits for all skin types.. but I can tell from my own experience. I have a mixed skin type and I love it mostly because it gives an even look to my textured skin. I use it alone, without any other face cream because it moisturizes enough in my opinion. But sometimes during this winter, when I've felt a bit too dry on some areas in my face, I've blended it with another face cream to get more moist. Works fine like that too... :) To my oily areas it hasn't done anything. Hasn't helped but it hasn't made it worse either.

    I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to beauty products..just telling from my own view. But I hope this was at least a bit helpful... :)


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