April 2, 2012

latest clicks

1. got some easter chocolate from my mom 2. new favorite nail polish from Chanel 3. in love with my new Vans 4. I put up some cozy lamps next to my bed
5. cruisin' 6. mother nature is a bitch... she brought back the snow. UGH!! 7. biggest and best burger by moi 8. my friends dog Holly getting a shower..not too happy about it!


  1. oh my gosh!!! the first 4 photos are so colorful! I love the mani that you did. the burger that you made...wow!!
    and booo for snow! I hope it goes away soon!
    hehe....animals are so funny when they have to be given a bath!
    Anyways...have a great day!!


  2. those vans are pretty great! love the pattern and the colors. are they as comfortable as they look? if they are, then i'll be running over to the vans store to get a pair. perfect for spring/summer.


  3. oohh drooling over your nail polish that is one great color!

  4. @Amanda {feast.fashion.faves}: Hih, thank you sweetie<3 you know...they say there will come more snow this week. Can't. Take. It. Anymore.
    Haha yes, wet animals are so funny!! :D

    @leyla.: I think they're really comfy. A big plus is that they have some kind of dri-tech so you can use them without socks..no smelly summer shoes, heh ;) So yes..run and buy a pair!! :)

    elvi: I know right, I think it's a perfect color for summer! :)

  5. Wow, great pictures! I'm totally in love with your shoes, and ofcourse the hamburger is very jummy! I like your photography, maybe you would like to see mine too?

  6. THANK YOU for lovely comment! im so happy!

  7. thanks for the quick response! i feel so much better now knowing. this will be one great purchase :)

  8. love the chanel nails!!

  9. i love your snapshots! you look so pretty in your comfy scarf ;-) and that burger looks Delish! and oh my goodness that doggie looks so sweet!! i hope you had a great week girlie!!

    <3 james

  10. The colour of the varnish is a perfect one and I love those shoes!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog btw :)

  11. Those Vans are the CUTEST - love the pattern! And that burger....yum :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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