September 8, 2013

insta snaps

 photo instaweek_zps561478b8.jpg
Pheeeww, this week has been full of good moments! My week started with birthday celebration, when my closest and dearest friends totally surprised me with a party when I came home. I still can't believe they did it, I love them so much!

Rest of the week has went by studying and learning my analog camera. It feels kind of weird to shoot with a so called old school camera after many years. I'm so used to my digital camera and being able to see the pictures right after taking a picture. But that's the fun part with an analog camera, the excitement when you get to develop the film by yourself and you have actually no idea how they're going to look like. Does someone of you photograph with an analog camera? :)


  1. holy moley! seriously so many awesome snaps!! Hope you're doing well..MISS YOU!


    1. Hahah, THANK YOU Amanda ♥ I miss you too!!

  2. I love the last picture, you look so gorgeous sweetie :)


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