January 3, 2012


I thought it might be fun to do a few posts about my year 2011, so here we go - part one..

It was snowy as hell and it just kept coming more and more...Photobucket
But I didn't have time to mind about the snow because I got my iphone and I was soooo happy!Photobucket
I fell in love with my mom's boots and the sweater, so I borrowed them when she was traveling ;)Photobucket
And why mind the snowstorm when you can party at Aussie Bar that never leaves you cold!

February continued as a cold month and nothing really happened...Photobucket
Except that it was Valentine's Day and I made some cupcakes <3

I was anxiously waiting for the spring already..Photobucket
Ate some really good sushi (and now I really crave for some when I see this picture..gaahh)Photobucket
I found myself under a palmtree happy as a little kid!?Photobucket
Cruised our way to Stockholm...Photobucket
It was a foggy and a rainy day...Photobucket
Came back with a lot of shoppings! I love to shop in Stockholm :)

Spring came and I was in love with my new burgundy pants I bought from Topshop in Stockholm.Photobucket
I got to test wall climbing for the first time. It was really fun, but omg how sore I was the day after, haha!Photobucket
Munched on homemade burgers - SO good!Photobucket
I started going on long powerwalks and even enjoyed running sometimes too.
Sun was shining and so was my mind... could there be anything better than warm sunshine after a long, dark and snowy winter?!Photobucket
Me and my bestie celebrated the spring with some drinks on her balcony - magical! Now I can't wait for the spring... :)


  1. lovely photos, it´s ncie to look through the year and see what you´ve done :)

  2. ugh, dom där ufo shottina!! :D

  3. a pretty exciting 2011 by the look of your photos!! I like them all!!! great mix of your outfit, food, lifestyle posts!!


  4. lovely recap of 2011! happy new year darling! i wish you so much love and happiness for 2012 <3 i hope you had an amazing celebration, babe!

    love, jamie

  5. @Dilan Dilir: Thank you! <3 I know right, I love to look back and remembering the good memories :)

    @Fiona: Haha, man får de på flaska nuförtiden så jag vet vad jag köper åt dig ;D only for you <3

    @Amanda {feast.fashion.faves}: Thank you dear<3 It's funny to look back at the past year, because there is so much I've already forgotten :D

    @jamie: Thank you sweetie! <3 hope you had a good one too and I wish you aaaall the best in the world for this year! :)

  6. Great pictures! Your clothes are amazing!


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