March 9, 2013

early bird on a weekend morning

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Good morning sweethearts!
It's so early... woke up 6 am, because I was coughing like crazy. Now I'm sitting in our bathroom, because I don't want to wake up my love with my annoying cough. This flu really bugs me out.
But besides that, I started my weekend with cleaning up the apartment, changing the sheets (is there anything better than a good night sleep in fresh sheets?) and to make it top notch, there has to be fresh flowers and lemon cupcakes... and voil√°, everything feels so much better!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥


  1. Good afternoon Jenny :) Oh how envious I am, you're so lucky! I can't wait to live my love...
    Anyway take care and get well soon!
    P.S: As usual I love your pictures, that cupcake looks yummy :P

    1. Hey Em! :) Ooh, I hope you get to live with your love soon too ♥ Thank you for your endless sweet words!

  2. Oh Jenny, I hope you get well soon! Fresh flowers and cupcakes will definitely brighten any day. Did you make those lemon cupcakes? They look so good! I love pillow cases with the ties on the end - so lovely.

    Get some rest and enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thank you Victoria, you're the sweetest! Yes, I made the cupcakes.. I have a little passion for them, heh ;)

  3. are you feeling better babe? and you woke up at 6am because of kitty, right? haha too cute!!! your pillow looks soo comfy!

    1. I'm feeling perfect now..finally!! :) haha, no that was a different morning! damn little cat..she thinks it's fun to wake me up every morning before my alarm wakes me up :D


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