May 22, 2012

collected memories

The reason I've been so MIA lately from the whole internet world is because I've been completely living in my own little bubble for the last couple of weeks.
 The summer has finally arrived here in Finland and I couldn't be more excited! I've made sure to enjoy every single moment of it, whether it has been chilling by the sea in the sunshine with my love or laughing my ass off with my friends in the middle of the night while it has poured outside.
I think this beginning of the summer has gone up in my head... maybe I'll come back to reality soon. Or not?
Isn't summer all about getting high on life, fluffy clouds, unicorns and rainbows? That's what I thought.


  1. yes...summer has arrived here too!!
    hahaha you're hilarious!! i always love your representative of everything summer is!!


  2. u may be MIA but i am loving all ur pics

  3. @Amanda {}: Woohoo! Cheers for the long awaited summer;) Thank you sweetie, I'm glad you like my snapshots<3

    @monica: That's so sweet, thank you!! :)


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