February 28, 2012

you feel so far away

Been feeling a bit empty lately, nothing feels completely right. Anyone know what I mean? This never ending winter really sucks all the energy of me... sometimes I wonder why I was born in a country with such a long and cold winter, 'cause I'm clearly not made for this season. Spring - hurry up!
But how are all of you lovely ladies (and gents?) doing? Everything good? :)


  1. nice pictures!! =)
    If you want looks my new post on my blog http://catseyesmf.blogspot.com/
    i'll wait you, have you a nice week <3

  2. girl...I know EXACTLY what you mean...been feeling that way for the last month now. I keep feel like I'm getting stuck in this routine and it's never ending...I want something MORE and exciting!! sorry winter sucks!! wish for spring to come faster! stay warm :)

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  3. @Cat's Eyes: Thank you so much dear! :)

    @Amanda {feast.fashion.faves}: Seriously, you took my words out of my mouth! That's exactly what I want too... let's hope something fun and exciting will cross our way! :)

  4. Completely understand! I did a post on Monday about just feeling under and overwhelmed. I love instagram and love seeing other's photos. Winter blues. . . hope all is better for the rest of the week

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  5. Yes spring, hurry up! Totally agree with you haha. Lovely pictures! X ♥

  6. I love that striped blazer! Where is it from?! And that dog is so cute :)


  7. @Jennie from the Blog: Thank you <3

    @Jen @ redsoleandredwine: So it's obviously a common thing right now..maybe it has something to do with the spring antsyness.. ;) And thank you for your sweet words <3

    @Dutch Blossom: Thank you sweetie :) <3

    @Kayla: Thank you:) It's from Zara!


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