January 21, 2012

smoothie morning

Good morning everyone! Okay, it's almost 13pm already, but I'm still hanging in my pj's... talk about lazy Saturday! Had my morning smoothie while watching TV and now I'm thinking what to do today.  At least I know what my upstairs neighbor is going to do.. he already started a party with loud music and yelling with his friends.. think his going all in today, haha!
What are you sweethearts up for today? Are you going to have a crazy Saturday like my neighbor or just taking it easy? :)


  1. i loveee lazy saturdays and sundays :) im really a homebody and theres nothing i love more than to relax and take it easy! these smoothies look so delish! hope that you have a great weekend sweetheart!

  2. @DilanDilir: ;D

    @jamie: I knooow right, relaxing and chilling is the best! :)


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